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People of the BPA - John and Allen from SIS

John Gerig, President of Service Integrated Systems, has a large combined family that includes five children and six grandchildren with Rhonda, his wife of 17 years.. They reside on a lake in Whitehall, MI, where John enjoys boating and cooking – especially bread. With them at home is their beloved dog Max, who regularly goes to the office with John! Speaking of work, John has been at SIS for almost 20 years and wears many hats as the owner. However, that doesn’t stop him from always making time for clients. In fact, his favorite part of the job is hearing from satisfied customers and building relationships.

Alongside John is SIS Support Manager Allen Serio. Working in the craft industry suits him well as a food and travel enthusiast. A self-proclaimed foodie, Allen enjoys fresh, local and inspired restaurants – especially if they serve BBQ or cured meats. Besides craft beer and food, he enjoys golf, boating, watching baseball, college football and spending time with his girlfriend Mistelle. Knowing POS systems inside and out from his 15 years with SIS is a point of pride for Allen, but it’s really working with great breweries... the partnerships, friendships and positivity of the industry that sustains him.

Quick Hit Questions…

If you could do anything for a living, what would it be?

“Singer/Songwriter! I love making music. I was lead singer in a band in my senior year of high school. Won best vocalist at battle of the bands. Now I am a worship leader in a 7 piece band. I am lead singer and play acoustic guitar.” – John

“Traveling and visiting new breweries and restaurants. I am a totally foodie.” – Allen

What is your favorite beer?

“My favorite beer changes by the season, but I prefer New Holland, Pigeon Hill and Fetch Brewing companies.” – John

If you could meet anybody (past or present), who would it be?

“Rockefeller, I love the drive he had and his never back down attitude, definitely one of the icons of the American industrial revolution.” – Allen

ABOUT Service Integrated Systems: SIS is a crucial partner of the BPA, providing clients with a trusted POS product, credit card processing systems and software training. Not only does SIS provide computer systems, they also consult, advise, help with controls and train managers and staff.

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