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People of the BPA - Jimmi and Chad from QTS

The craft beer and spirits industry is really all about the people and we want to celebrate that at the Brewers Professional Alliance. To do so, we've created our "People of the BPA" series. In this first edition, we visit with Jimmi-Jean Sukys and Chad Sprinkman - the combined driving force behind the success of Quality Tank Solutions.

CEO Jimmi is a mom who enjoys spending time with the six children in her combined family with fiancé, Chad (Yes, that Chad). The family lives in Wisconsin with their labradoodle, Steel, a great name for the dog of a steel tank manufacturer! She loves running the day-to-day at QTS and when asked if she could make a living doing any one thing, she chose being a part of QTS. That said, she's not an all work, no play woman. Outside of the office her favorite things to do are garden, travel and listen to country music.

Chad is the VP of Sales and Marketing who loves his IPAs and working at QTS because it's a family-run business. In fact, he enjoys working at QTS so much that when also asked if he could do any one thing and make a living, Chad said, "Exactly what I have been doing for 30 years." He's not all QTS, all the time though. When taking a break from work, Chad enjoys sailing (both on water and ice), golf, skiing and travel ... Turks & Caicos being a favorite destination.

ABOUT Quality Tank Solutions: A full-service tank manufacturer located in Wisconsin, QTS serves the craft brewing, beverage, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. They offer everything from custom brew houses (including set up and install) to single tanks. Some of the many QTS offerings are process piping and installation, custom fabrication, tank repair, platforms, fittings and valves. In the way of equipment, they provide chillers, boilers, grain handling and more. You can read more about them online at

Last Question… What is a basic principle that guides QTS?

“The sale of the brewing system is only the first step; it’s how you nurture that relationship that helps both companies to grow!”

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