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Craft Beer & Commercial Real Estate

Craft Beer is pouring into commercial real estate... Craft Beer in the U.S. has been growing in popularity, presenting opportunities for owners of retail spaces and warehouses to purpose their buildings to enable brewers to produce and/or sell their beer. Colliers International surveyed some of the leading markets, and found more than 400 breweries being planned, potentially representing 3 million SF of new craft beer inventory. The vast majority will be located in industrial space, whether in a multi-tenant industrial complex or a larger single-tenant industrial building, while the remaining breweries will operate in a retail restaurant location, more commonly known as a brewpub. Each brewery will typically include dedicated space that acts as a retail component that is used to sell directly to consumers in the form of carry out or an on-site taproom within the same operational space their product is manufactured.

Read the full US Research Spotlight Report by Colliers International here...

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