Tap into Ekos!

Hey Brewers! We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Ekos Brewmaster, which will allow us to offer more options in the way of brewery management software. Ekos Brewmaster makes it easy to manage your entire brewery in one place – monitoring everything from sales and inventory to raw ingredients and equipment history. The cloud-based system allows flexibility among platforms giving users the ability to operate a brewery with a few clicks of the mouse or swipes of a mobile device.

“Where the industry is now, it has become increasingly more difficult - almost impossible - to operate without brewery management software,” said Brewers Professional Alliance Sales Director, Joel T. Koch. “Ekos Brewmaster is a top-tier management system that will provide our clients even greater tools to be successful.”

Some highlights of Ekos Brewmaster include:


• Manage planning and ordering of raw ingredients.

• Monitor what and how much is in stock.

• Monitor cost trends of inventory items.

• Track kegs, deposits, and returns.


• Intuitive drag & drop interface.

• Plan for future batches including packaging options.

• Enter actual production and move product to inventory.

• Manage goods descriptions such as beer type, style, ABV, IBU, and product photos.

• Track all brewery equipment including maintenance history.


• Monitor order volume by month, best-selling products and best customers.

• Create an automated plan for customer visits and follow-ups.

• Organize customer information, order history, contacts and sales activities.

• Approve pending orders online.


• Fully integrated with QuickBooks.

• Generate TTB and Excisecom reports.

For more information or a demo of Ekos Brewmaster, please contact Joel T. Koch at joel@brewerybiz.com or 616.254.9696.

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