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What's In A Name?

Legal disputes over names are becoming more and more common. With craft breweries popping up all over the country, and new beers coming to market, names are bound to be used more than once. Are you in the process of developing a brewery or a new beer? Be careful about your choice of names, and make sure to do your research first!

Don't forget that the BPA has team members devoted to helping brewers do just that. We have a legal team that will make sure you meet name requirements, among a myriad of others that come along with being a brewery, winery, or distillery. Many of the laws revolving around the brewing industry can be quite complex, which is why our legal experts specialize in this area.

Some of the other things our legal team does are: help breweries raise capital, select entity types, work with investors, licensing, workers compensation and navigate liquor liability rules, to name a few. Please contact Jeff Jacobsen at for more information.

We want you to avoid situations like this... Bell's Brewery in Dispute with Microbrewer

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