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Go mobile in the taproom!

Unplug and see greater profits with mobile POS in your taproom...

Check out this article from our partners at Digital Dining!

How long is the cord to your Point of Sale (POS) Terminal?

If you were able to answer this question at all, it’s probably time for you to unplug and go mobile. Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices have been around since 1999. Back then they were bulky, clunky and difficult to use. Fortunately, as technology has improved we’ve seen mobile devices slim down, speed up and become a lot more user friendly.

Today, our Mobile Point of Sales software leads the way as the most intuitive, responsive and up to date technology available. Unlike the 90’s POS, our software can run on consumer products like Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone iPod Touch). The technology is incredible, but limited by the lack of printers, card readers and other peripherals of a standard POS… or is it?

Infinite Peripherals and the Rise of the Mobile POS

In a recent interview on, Andy Graham (founder of Infinite Peripherals) talked about his company’s work creating mobile peripherals since 1999. Andy recalls how, before Apple’s adoption of the iPod 3 as a “Mobile Point of Sales had been, kind of an afterthought.”

With the introduction of of the iPod, and attachable card readers, individuals, and small businesses were able to save themselves the money they would previously have had to invest in POS terminals and software, and we began seeing more and more small businesses run with a personal Apple device as a payment center. Without this push, POS might never have been taken seriously by larger companies.

Andy’s company, Infinite Peripherals, creates special cases and add on technology to help restaurants, retail stores, shipping facilities, even hospitals streamline their businesses. The fact that these devices work in conjunction with technology that people are familiar with means that new employees can be trained and proficient more quickly than they could with earlier terminals.

Our clients have noticed huge returns after adopting our mPOS software. Customers know that their order is being sent to the kitchen the way they requested it and won’t be forgotten or misinterpreted by a distracted employee. They also feel more secure when their card is run at their table where they can confirm the order, price and tip before signing, all without their card leaving their sight. Our mobile POS (mPOS) software also increases the flow of customers by cutting down the number of trips the server has to make to the kitchen and the terminal. This makes for a better and shorter user experience, shorter wait times and more customers seated each night.

We work closely with Infinite Peripherals to make sure that you have the best technology, interface, and convenience without being tied to a terminal. It’s time for you to cut the cord and go mobile, your customers are waiting.

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