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Is Free Wi-Fi on the Menu?

These days it seems everyone has an Internet ready cell phone, tablet, or laptop. More and more it seems customers expect free wi-fi. If you’re planning to offer free internet access, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Be sure to protect your business network. Don’t offer customers free wi-fi on the same signal you use, rather set-up guest access. If at all possible, completely separate your clients' Internet connection from your primary business Internet connection.

  2. If your business has good communication with your clients, consider setting up a passcode and then provide it upon request. This will help prevent "fringe" users from getting access.

  3. Consider setting up a limited timeframe for Internet access during peak business hours. This will help eliminate someone parking on your network and chewing bandwidth while someone else just needs to check a quick email.

To learn more, contact Tim Nass, I.T. Systems Engineer.

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