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The Beer Tax Wars

A fight is brewing in Washington over two beer-specific pieces of legislation.

According to MSN Money, the debate is brewing over the Brewers Employment and Excise Relief (BEER) Act and the Small Brewer Reinvestment and Expanding Workforce (BREW) Act. The BEER Act – which is supported by The Beer Institute -- would reduce excise taxes on beer produced by both large and small brewers, where as the Small BREW Act – which is supported by the Brewers Association -- would reduce the federal excise tax on small brewers and expand the definition of who can be considered a small brewer.

According to The Hill, The Beer Institute feels that the Small Brew Act is a “‘giveaway’ for a handful of profitable brewers.” Yet small brewers argue that “adjusting the excise tax would lead to another $60 million per year for a quintessentially American industry.”

To learn more, read: Beer Fight Brewing Over Taxes Growing Pains Tax Craft Beer

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