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Craft Brewing Industry Grows

On March 18, 2013, the Brewers Association released their preliminary 2012 data on US Craft Brewing Industry growth. They said a more extensive analysis will be release at the end of March. Below are the highlights of the preliminary numbers.

  1. In 2012 Craft Brewers saw a 17% increase in dollar growth and a 15% increase in volume, while the total US Beer market only grew 1%.

  2. In 2011, Craft Brewers represented 5.7% volume of the total US beer market. As of 2012, they now represent 6.5% volume.

  3. 2012 saw an 18% increase in breweries operating in the US. There are now 2,403 (that’s 409 new breweries and only 43 closed breweries).

  4. Craft Breweries created jobs in their local communities too! In 2011, they employed 103,583; in 2012 that number increased to 108,440.

To read their full press release, visit the Brewers Association website.

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