Insurance: One Size Does NOT Fit All

An old adage states, “if the shoe fits, wear it.” With insurance programs for breweries and brewpubs, this expression has a different meaning from what you might expect. Breweries and brewpubs have a very unique insurance exposure. It is very unusual for an insurance risk to have a large-scale manufacturing facility right next to or even part of a restaurant exposure. Along with that, the worker’s compensation classifications vary greatly ranging from manufacturing and production to dishwashing and waitressing.

I have seen many instances where insurance companies have handled this situation completely wrong. They will try to fit a restaurant exposure into an insurance program put together for a manufacturer or vice versa. This often leaves the brewery or brewpub with insufficient coverage in some areas and paying for other coverage that they really do not need. That is why the White Insurance Agency, along with Fremont Insurance, has put together a new insurance policy specifically built for the unique needs of breweries and brewpubs.

This program handles all of the everyday coverages, such as building and business property, just as any other insurance policy would. But, that is where the comparisons stop. The “Craft Brewery Enhancement” endorsement adds all the little things that a brewery or brewpub may need. Some of the highlights include:

  • Guided Tour Liability

  • Business Personal Property at Fairs or Exhibitions up to $50,000

  • Special Events Coverage automatically included for beer festivals

  • Manufacturer’s Selling Price for lost finished “stock”

As I stated, these are only a few of the highlights. With this endorsement, there are 53 additional coverages included specifically for your brewery or brewpub. For a complete list, you can go to It’s time to check your insurance policy today to see if the shoe does indeed fit. You might be surprised what you find.

To learn more about insurance coverage, contact Jason DeKuiper at 231.928.4005.

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