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Fake Money Isn’t Just Fiction

We’ve all seen tales of elaborate counterfeiting schemes on the silver screen, but brewers need to realize people can (and do) pass fake money in the real world.

In fact, reported this month that a bar manager in Brooklyn, New York helped police catch a man trying to pass counterfeit bills as his restaurant. Here’s what the Secret Service recommends you do if someone is trying to pass counterfeit bills in your taproom:

  1. Remain calm and do not give the money back to the patron.

  2. Contact authorities, and try to keep the counterfeiter in the restaurant if possible.

  3. Be sure to write down an accurate description of the person and any companions. If possible, write down the license plate and make and model of the offender’s vehicle.

  4. Initial and date the fake bill in the white border. Try to limit handling of the fake bill, and be sure to keep it in a protective covering (like an envelope).

If you suspect you have a fake bill, you must turn it into the officials.

Have questions about preventing fraud in your brewery? Contact the BPA today

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