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BPA Partners With SWK Technologies

The Brewers Professional Alliance (BPA) announced that they have partnered with SWK Technologies, one of the top brewery management software providers in the industry.

SWK Technologies is affiliated with industry giant Sage, a supplier of software around the world.

What is unique about SWK is that they have specialized products for the craft beer industry. Their MRP system, BrewPub, is designed as a basic process control system for pubs and restaurants that produce beer but don’t package or distribute it off site. Their other MRP option, BeerRun, adds more features along with integration with various accounting software programs, including QuickBooks, for small to midsize breweries looking for an easy-to-use solution. SWK’s latest offering, BrewXerp, is a full scale ERP system. All of these products are very affordable.

“The complications of the brewing process can be significantly reduced with the use of a comprehensive MRP or ERP system,” said Lynda Nance, BPA Business Development Strategist, “Create production orders; maintain inventory levels; schedule fermenters, brite tanks, and packaging; all within one system. These systems simplify and reduce the paperwork, providing brewers with more time to create and improve their beers.”

No matter what size a brewery is, it can benefit from using a brewery management system such as BeerRun. For more information, contact Lynda Nance, Business Development Strategist, at 616.884.7952.

For more information please contact: Ashley Clonan Marketing Coordinator 616.735.3102

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